Halloween 2003: Sno-Globe 1.0
(how many styro-foam beads can 'Deep swallow in one night)

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Sno-Globe on the local news
courtesy of Kelly Hawk (my hero!)


More Movies of the whole shebang

So this year, I decided to go as a Sno-Globe. Actually I came up with this idea a few years back - but haven't been able to find a dome until a google search gave me Global Plastics in Canada. After that I was off to the races, making a mechanical Sno-Globe.

This costume was a lot of fun and hugely popular - maybe even more popular than DiscoBall & Magic Eight Ball.... Too bad I ingested so many styro-foam beads that I probably shaved 10 years off my life (I suffer for my art).....

Note that this Sno-Globe is very much a 1.0 model - I already have numerous ideas on making it cooler - so look out for Sno-Globe 2.0 in the next few years....

If any of you decide to make a Sno-Globe, know that the beads will take over your house, kill your pets, ruin your love life, rip the tags off your mattress, download porn onto your computer & leave the toilet seat up. They are evil & must be stopped. Luckily our KICK ASS ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING SERVICE made short work of them. We love you Green Maids! And speaking of people we love, this costume would not have been nearly as great without the help of my good friend Kelly Hawk - who helped me build the electrical parts!

A lot of people have asked If I could breathe - um. yes. I'm not writing this from the grave. See the air holes in the "making of" section. And yes many many styro-foam beads were swallowed and snorted & went in my ears - Suffer for your Art dammit! At least until Sno-Globe 2.0...

Here are some cool movies from this year's Halloween:

Sno-Globe on the Local News
A demo of the Sno-Globe
Brice's awesome iPod Ad Costume
Kelly & I testing the Sno-Globe
My view from the Sno-Globe, surrounded by a crowd of spectators

In addition to the main gallery here, there is a gallery of the "making of" & also a gallery of pictures from work (Apple):


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