"The Scream"

By Edvard Munch - or "How I Spent Halloween 1998!"

The Story:

The idea just came to me & hell I had to shave my beard off again - so I knew it was a good idea. I was stunned at the response though - I walked around the Castro for many hours & people LOVED it! I was stopped CONSTANTLY for pictures the whole night!
The Scream
boy is my
mouth tired

The Costume

The costume was pretty simple: face paint, a large fiberboard sheet on my back which I painted to look like Edvard Munch's "The Scream". I tied it to my back with fishing line - which you can see in this shot... you can also see how the yellow paint on my hands ended up all over my shirt & pants...
You have NO IDEA at how sore my mouth & neck were after 4 hours of "screaming"...

I fear that I will never do a costume as popular as this one - I'VE PEAKED!:-(

Me w/ 25 Belvedere Crew: Wyatt (Farmer's wife {note three tails} and friend o' Jenna), Kira, Me, Jenna, & Betsy
screaming with mice

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