My Trip to Europe 2005

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So since I was couch surfing for 5 weeks til my new place was ready, I decided to spend one of those weeks on my cousin's couch... in Paris :-) and we decided to go to Budapest as well.

A fine time was had by all including, me, the Parisians, the Hungarians, my cousin & everybody. Really. I asked. To get just the highlights, go see the entry on my blog - here. But all the pix & movies are in this section.

I also took these fabulous movies:

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My favorite new thing in Paris - the Sparkly Eiffel Tower (2.5MB)

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Watching the end of the Tour de France on the Champs Elyées (8.3MB). Note this image is a BLOW UP - so it doesn't look this good. Probably only interesting to Tour-heads.

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We did a LOT of dancing in Paris & Budapest - here is me gettin' crazy with the cheez whiz (2.3MB).

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Karaoke-ing in Budapest (my apologies to Mr. Brown & your eardrums) (8.7MB - or this smaller 2.8MB version - but the bigger is better.)

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