GLAM of the Dead 40th Birthday Party!

Here is a handy FAQ about my 40th Birthday bash, held this past weekend:

Q: Did you have fun?
A: Woooooooooooo! Woooooooooooo! STILL BASKING! I hope some of you had at least half as munch fun as I did. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Q: How many people showed up?
A: I’d LOVE to know – anybody have any good guesses? At it’s peak maybe 150? 200? Anyone? And how many people over the course of the night?

Q: Do I have to look through all 300 odd pix of your party?
A: Um. No. But I seriously recommend this quick-n’dirty little video I made. Just watch a little – All your friends are doing it. You can quit at any time. Really – go on:

Picture 2.png

Music: “Don’t Stop Believin’ In Planet Rock: JOURNEY vs. AFRIKA BAMBAATAA” by the AWESOME A Plus D – the hosts of Bootie – my favorite dance party.

Q: The video is great and all but I wanna see pix, yo!?

  1. The best 50 shots (on FaceBook – these shots all come from the two links below)
  2. The best of all the photo booth shots
  3. The best of the random shots

Q: Wow what was the story on the awesome photo booth?
A: Mark Johnson loaned us most of the equipment, Adrian Cotter provided the rest and manned the booth most of the night. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. And whilst I’m at it, big thanks to Marc Fong for the disco ball & lighting – rockstars all and all!

Q: Where did you get those awesome cupcakes you were giving out!? Why didn’t I get one?
A: Kara’s Cupcakes! Shocking fact: the white ones are better than the chocolate ones. Shocking. There were only 100 – and I ate one – so 99 🙂

Q: Why GLAM?
A: GLAM – because I love bright shiny things. When i turned 31 I decided to reclaim my love of all things shiny, sparkly & bright. Guys (at least straight ones) aren’t supposed to love that stuff as much as I do. Yeah. Whatever. It’s been all GLAM ever since 🙂 You can find pix of them all here.

Q: Why a Day of the Dead party?
A: Why “Dia De Los Muertos?” – because I’m 40!!!! Holy Frijoles! Here’s what I wrote in the invite:

As the Wikipedia says “Many people believe that during the Day of the Dead, it is easier for the souls of the departed to visit the living.” And what could be more appropriate for my 40th Birthday? Now that I’m officially dead, the best way for me to visit with you would be my Day of the Dead Party!

Q: What was up with the alien mask?
A: Many years at my GLAM Parties I try elaborate facepaint. I always think I look hideous in the photos. This year inspiration struck. Unfortunately it struck two days before my party, so I had to scramble. And BTW, IT WAS A SKULL DAMMIT!

Q: What was the best costume!??
A: Every year, someone blows me away withe the unexpected. And this year, while Steve G’s macrame ensemble was lovely (though glam?), Adrian’s Day of the Dead work was AMAZING. You MUST check it out here.

Q: So how do you feel now that you’re 40?
A: Eh? What’s that sonny? I can’t hear you?…. hey you kids! get off my lawn!

Seriously – I’m really lucky. You all made this a fantastic birthday party. I really do put a lot into making stuff like this happen, but I get so much more than I put in because of all you fine folks. I love you guys!

(Note: Update 5/21/10 – added link to Adrian’s flickr stream of his costume & fixed typo.)

6 thoughts on “GLAM of the Dead 40th Birthday Party!

  1. I can’t believe you made your own papier mache mask! It was my favorite color of blue (SHINY!) and went very nicely with your outfit. I guesstimate there were about 220 people around 11 pm as the place was *packed* –I was going towards the back to get my coat so I got to see the density. (30′ wide x 50′ deep space)/6 sq. ft. personal space per person = 250 persons, but that doesn’t account for bar and photobooth) Happy 40th, Deep!

  2. Happy Birthday man!!

    Sad I couldn’t make it to your party, twas in Oregon. Looks like *such* a fun crowd and energy. Thanks for the epic video ‘journey’ there. 🙂

  3. seriously…i moved every part of my body (including the immovable ones!) thanks to the great music…yes i love your music deep!! 🙂 it was amazing that it had this party feeling but at the same time a strong enough flashdance vibe to it!!! to are a magician deep…the pied piper! or is it piped piper! i forget!

  4. I like the “alien” mask. but love your beard more. maybe could have put a little stubble on the mask face :-).

    This is the year of the big big big beginning. Suddenly you feel like you can do whatever you want — don’t have to prove anything to anybody — can just be you. We say in colombia, that the first 40 years (30 for women) is the training for the real life which starts now. There’s even a song about it — something about feeling the freedom to be yourself…

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