‘Deep vs. Too Much ‘Deep

Chubby. I hate being chubby. And yet, that has more or less been the word for me for most of my adult life. Sometimes the word is slightly kinder, sometimes slightly meaner: A neighborhood blog once described me as “jolly.” ACK. My relatives in India would often generously choose “healthy.” When trying … Continue reading

Kabhi Kabhi Baby

I was thinking about what kind of culture my little girl would get. Mostly, I’m thankful she’ll be a San Franciscan – but it’s also important to establish some important basics*… 😀 Kabhi Kabhi Baby I’m a bit sad that I’m not sure how much of the great Indian stuff … Continue reading

We’re MOVING 30 Feet!

Folks – Kimberly and I are MOVING! Next door. In early July. Basically because next door gives us a better layout for family & we’ll have extra childcare options… We’ve prepared the handy FAQ below to help with any further questions you may have… -‘deep + Kimberly! D+K Moving FAQ … Continue reading

10 Years At Apple

On May 2nd, 2002 I took a leap & started working at Apple. Today I got my 10 year crystal award.  Pictures don’t do it justice – I love it:   And this letter from Tim Cook pretty much nails it: This award celebrates 10 years of your amazing contributions to … Continue reading

Why Adopt Baozi?

[Ed. Note: A few days ago, Kate Antoniades contacted me because she runs a blog, “From Alone to Home: Stories of Adopted Pets” (www.fromalonetohome.com), which collects pet adoption stories as her way to encourage other people to choose shelter/rescue adoption. She asked me to write up Baozi’s adoption story & … Continue reading

The Proposal

Ed. note: Numerous people have asked for “the story” of me proposing to K, so I thought I’d write it down. It feels a little odd to write a blog post about such a moment, but we here at deeptrouble.com are all about giving the people what they want. 🙂 … Continue reading