Pillows, Mayhem, Trikeasaurus, and the UNITED NATIONS?

SF Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight 2009

For the past 3 years on Valentine’s Day here in SF, there has been a MASSIVE flash-mob pillow fight. They have all been moste excellente, but this one was even more vast than the last two…

This video, taken from high above, does it justice:

(courtesy of kapshure)

And though I had thought about skipping it this year*, the fear of Missing The Fun won out… so I assembled Trikeasaurus & headed out (I actually forgot my pillow!):

NOTE: This video is really long – so watch if you like, but for purposes of this blog post, definitely check out the start & if you want 1:45, 4:30, 5:00, & 6:40 as well (I’ll see if I can get a shorter edit)

(courtesy of overnightpro)

In the end, I got my glasses broken, lost my favorite jacket*, inhaled a troubling amount of goose down, got my nose scraped, & Trikeasaurus was injured. And was it worth it? I think this next shot sums up my feelings….

(courtesy of Rita Parada)

2009-02-14 001 2009-02-14 329
Bringing the music to the tired huddled…. um… combatants…
(courtesy of Zachary Hanna)

In a troubling note however, I was cited by the United Nations Commission on Costumes and Holidays (UNCCH) for a lack of bacon:

IMG_0988 (courtesy of SFRichardT)

UN Citation.png

OMG! I soooo loved the UNCCH folks (check out their site!)

Next year, I harden Trikeasaurus, make some signs (“Don’t Hit Overhand – it hurts!”), and remember to put on my goggles BEFORE my glasses get broken.

Damn I love this town.

The Tricycle DJ.jpg

But why am I colorized? Is it that I’m OLD and need to be colorized to be appreciated by younger viewers? ……
(courtesy of Andrionni Ribo)

One more video….

* What’s wrong with it? Well, there are an AWFUL lot of feathers and debris after this thing is over – think snow drifts. Not all of it is decomposable either – a sad amount is synthetic. There were City street sweepers cleaning up afterwards though…. Why can’t my fun things be purely good all the time?

**I LOVE THE INTERWEBS. As I was looking for footage on YouTube, I found the video above by “overnightpro” & look what I found in the comments: “Rusoutdacuts: I feel kinda bad, some how my drunken self got a hold of the bike djs silver jacket, gloves, and blue key chain.” I’ve emailed him & have my fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “Pillows, Mayhem, Trikeasaurus, and the UNITED NATIONS?

  1. I have spoken with the UN High Commissioner on Costumes & Holidays and he has agreed to drop the Bacon/International Pillow Law inspection issue.

    I am furthermore deeply troubled that you were attacked by pilitants at the Pillow Fight; however we have been receiving numerous reports of ambushes upon un-pillowed observers, including against our own personnel. Rest assured the United Nations is monitoring the situation very closely.

    Commander EDW Lynch
    UNCCH Multinational Force

  2. ohmigosh, the UNCCH (“unch?”) guys are too perfect. The inspection form is genius all by itself.

    when the end of the world comes and we have melted back into the forest, there will be legends told of the silver-skinned “Bike DJ” and how he drew thousands with the bewitching music* and made them twirl with the benevolent motions of his hands.

    * with full DRM, no less, can we talk about why my iPod is no longer speaking to my music library on my computer. oh nevermind.

  3. holy eff. why haven’t i ever made it to the PFC? that is just insane. just insane. love live trikeasaurus.

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