So it is official kids – baring any unforseen issues (with the $$$ or my contractor inspection – both pretty unlikely at this point) my offer on the house I REALLY want has been accepted. I’m moving to the COOLEST part of Valencia (one of my favorite 2 streets in SF (the other being Dolores)) …..

HERE are some pix o’ the place (more than the one in my previous post)… I STRONGLY suggest you look at them, as this is the last time it will look this good no doubt :-).

I’ll be moving in at the end of July (August really) – so expect a party, and ImpromptiQs & movie nights to restart, and general goodness. Woo!!!

I also have expansive plans for new types of ‘Deep social events & public art & great stuff like that – so expect big things! Basically as I told Adrian & Peat: Valencia = BIGGER AUDIENCE. Wooo!


.ps Oh & the guy I was so worried about didn’t even bid. Go fig. My real estate agent & I suspect he was drunk when I overheard him, so we can add a serious strike against as well: drunk driving.

3 thoughts on “HELLOOOOO Valencia!

  1. Deep your new house is GORGEOUS!!!!! I’m super jealous & even more-so: super proud of you! I hope to make it on the 14th to see it with my own eyes. Thanks for keeping me on the lists. xo

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