My Favorite Thing(s) from my trip to Europe

Here are the quick & dirty highlights from my trip to Paris – but if you really want to see many more cool pix of Paris & Budapest – you should go here….

Paris seems to have discovered my love for all things glam & sparkly (& no, it doesn’t quite do it justice – but it is still awesome) & is my Favorite New Thing from this trip to Paris:

movie thumbnail

Click here to watch the movie (2.5MB)

I also enjoyed viewing the end of the Tour De France from my mobile viewing platform rented from the city no less)….

movie thumbnail

Click here to watch the movie (8.3MB)

The “mobile moving platform” was VERY cool – basically the city of Paris rents bikes for reasonable rates from various locations around town & also from a bus that sets up at special events! I did a good bit of biking in both cities…. Here is a shot from Budapest…

The other thing I loved about Paris & even Budapest was that since the cities were bigger – things were up and available til all hours. My cousin & I did a LOT of dancing – which rocked…. < PEEVE MODE >And before any of you SFer’s go – “yeah I wish…”- how often do you go out late? < PEEVE MODE OFF >

Again, for all my favorite pix from Paris (& Budapest) click on over to my pix page….

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing(s) from my trip to Europe

  1. Day 10 – Valencia Held Hostage: The Posting Blackout Continues

    Did Deep take possession of his house? Did he find gigantic pods inside, and now there is only an emotionless calm Deep?

  2. Pod-Deep is claiming that he just has lots of boxes to sort, but clearly he is a replicant.

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