Je t’aime Space Invader Graffiti!

(or “Favorite thing about Paris #284”)

[Ed Note: click on any of the pix for all my Space Invader shots, or read to the bottom to get the full scoop AFAIK.]
[Ed Note: Added a few new Space Invaders I found 5/5/07]

Way back in 2003, on my maybe 3rd visit to Paris*, I saw some graffiti off in the distance (here’s the shot) & thought – “Hey! That’s a Space Invader!”

Then I thought “Hey that isn’t paint – that’s tile work!”

IMG_1118.jpg  IMG_1119.jpg

Then I thought “That isn’t just surface tile work…they’ve taken the time to mount it INTO the wall!!”

Needless to say I was in love. Ah Paris 🙂

So now every-time I come back to Paris, I see more….

I never set out looking for them, but I’ll turn a corner or look down & blam:

Here’s one from 2005:


Well, I’ve only been in Paris for a few hours this time around – but the Space Invader guy has been busy & I keep turning around & seeing one! Here’s one I took today:


His invasions have occurred worldwide, but he is from here in Paris. Google, Flickr & Wikipedia all have tons of stuff about him. Here is a write up. Here is his website & a list of cities he has invaded (I love the fact that he has 6 on the Hollywood sign, & his NYC pix are great– but WHAT! he hasn’t invaded SF!??! Geeks & Graffitti? Hello! Cluephone! or perhaps Bonjour Avec Le Phone le Clu! (needless to say I’m unappreciated in France))


I just got back from the south of France – it was nice but rainy – I have some cool pix, but they’ll wait. I spent today biking around Paris – you can imagine how happy that made me. For those of you wondering why I’m blogging rather than out doing something, it is 3am & I’m chilling before bed – so nyah! & it sure beats planning my India trip 🙂

Here is a whole website about mosaic graffiti. Adrian, as official ART Minister of ‘Deepistan start scheming. We’ll get underway soon.

*My cousin lives in Paris & thus every once in a while I’m OBLIGATED to visit Paris….

5 thoughts on “Je t’aime Space Invader Graffiti!

  1. I actually recognize the creature in the mosaics! And I am delighted to see him juxtaposed to a Paris street sign and to see what they look like these days- same as they did 50 years ago. Plus ca change plus, plus c’est la meme chose….

  2. Woah, Grace was in Paris 50 years ago. Grace, you ARE older than 29, but I didn’t think that much older.

  3. bueno solo quiero decir k estos trabajos son muy buenos y muy creativos k es unos de los pocos artistas buenos en el mundo me despido pero antes un saludo a space invader de murek de aca de mexico de un estado llamada aguascalientes

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