Helloooo Bollywood!!!

So I’m in Mumbai a.k.a Bombay & thus it is a perfect time to mention Bollywood dance numbers – one of the best things about India. Here is an awesome recent one with an great song that has been the Official Theme Song for My Trip. I saw it on MTVIndia one night & the next day heard it again on a car stereo & was hooked.

Title track from Salaam e Ishq

I bought the movie too (Movie Night Soon!) & it isn’t bad (a little cheesy of course) & is full of amazing eye candy – Hellloooooo Priyanka!) and even more importantly great song/dance numbers. This video covers pretty much everything great about Bollywood dance numbers:

  • great outfits
  • spectacle
  • ridiculous yet inspired choreography
  • and finally, pure joy

That last one is it actually, there is something about a musical (& India seems to be state of the art) that just does JOY perfectly….


.ps be home soon & very much looking forward to it

.pps “Salaam e Ishq” translates to “Love’s Salute” I think.

7 thoughts on “Helloooo Bollywood!!!

  1. makes me wonder, ‘deep, if you missed your true calling of being a bollywood super star 🙂

  2. Whoa, at the beginning you think he is going to go all Richard Gere on her and scandalize everyone! But he doesn’t! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of cinema.

  3. I can’t recall the name of it, but there’s a small, very posh shopping mall in Colaba just north of the Taj Hotel. It has at least one fabulous men’s clothing store which could help with costume changes at your next glam, I mean, Bollywood party. There’s also a Copper Chimney nearby where I am sure Apu has instructed you to eat. Mmmmmmm.

  4. Forgive my cultural ignorance, but they spend more than eight minutes singing about some salami that they want to sell you…but never show you the product. Although, at about 2 minutes, 58 seconds they do briefly show what appear to be a couple of quiches. Maybe those are salami-quiches? Anyway, I presume that these are salamis made with some meat other than beef, because I’ve never been able to get beef paneer at any Indian restaurant. I just get a sideways look whenever I order it and end up having to settle for lamb. Maybe beef-paneer isn’t kosher.

    Maybe I just need more breakfast and have missed the point.

  5. I don’t think anyone could ever have too much joy in their life. Count me in for movie night! 🙂

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