FlashDance Wins SF Weekly’s Best of The Bay!

You know when there is one of those things that is seriously cool & you want it, but you don’t want to admit it because that wouldn’t be cool?


My FlashDances won an SF WEEKLY BEST OF THE BAY:

SF Weekly Best of Bay 2008 Cover

I think they summarized the whole thing pretty damn well :

Best Flash Mob (2008)
FlashDance, put on by Amandeep Jawa

Step one: E-mail flashdance-join AT deeptrouble.com to get on the list. Step two: Await message with the 411 for the next roving street dance party. Step three: Show up and boogie while onlookers wonder what the heck is going on, or just stop asking questions and join in themselves. Started around two years ago by a Silicon Valley software engineer (the rare kind who actually can whip out the moves on the dancefloor) who lives in the Mission and can be spotted every once in a while wearing a giant disco ball costume, Jawa has been coordinating the dances since he spotted a salsa dance party along the Seine in Paris and thought, “Why not in San Francisco?” He feeds funk, soul, pop, and some Indian electronica off his MacBook through some amps at such locales as the 24th Street BART station or Embarcadero Plaza.

& thanks to everyone who has left a comment over at their website 🙂

I’m seriously happy about this!

3 thoughts on “FlashDance Wins SF Weekly’s Best of The Bay!

  1. that is so awesome ‘deep. congrats! a well deserved recognition of your efforts to bring boogie to the masses 🙂

  2. OMG… I went to this today .. it was a blast in front of the San Francisco Opera house as the cops eventually made us move but it went on … loved it!!

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