Something I’m proud of that you might like…..

Hey folks –

The last few months have been very draining both physically and emotionally – but the biggest upside of that time is out in the world, and I’m pretty proud of it. For many of you this will be a “oh, that sounds nice” but for a few of you who use iTunes or AppleTV a lot at your house & you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch – you’ll really love this. I do. It is one of my two proudest accomplishments at Apple*.

Introducing Remote…

And it is free.

No, I didn’t write the app that runs on the phone, I put in all the stuff in iTunes and parts of AppleTV to make it work.

Ok – my second favorite app:

.pppppps Ok one last cool Remote feature for those of you with AppleTV’s.

*And the other is iTunes’ music sharing feature.

2 thoughts on “Something I’m proud of that you might like…..

  1. Yo deep! Congratulations on the excellent remote. I was just trying it out last night. It’s fantastic — all of it. Bye-bye, my formerly beloved Sonos…

    It’s been a long time since you enticed me to teach you Mac programming in return for food. Hope you’re doing well.

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