CHANGE comes to OHIO

NOTE: This is my second quick-‘n’-dirty post from Ohio. Again, I’m sorry for grammar, punctuation & readability. Sorry – just too busy.

(click Barack to see more pix from my trip)

Many things have CHANGEd since my last post. CHANGE! I’ll drop some quick notes before I go to bed – tomorrow I have to get up crazy early and help squeeze the relatively small # of Obama votes from this area to offset part of the red wave from this part of OH:

  • I’m now in the red red red Republican hinterlands in the northwest – near Cleveland & Lake Erie. McPalin signs outnumber us at least 2 to 1.
  • My new Obama belly has grown considerably (soooo much campaign junk food everywhere & the aforementioned “would you like iceberg lettuce with that bacon?”-salads. What’s hi in the middle & round at both ends…. (sigh) …me 🙁
  • I saw Barack at a rally Sunday – he rocks. Clearly a little tired, but the confidence, charm, and stature is impressive. 60,000 people showed up for his rally at the state capitol.
  • I rented a car and drove up here from Columbus. On the way here (late Sunday night) I dropped off various things at various other campaign offices on the way. The energy and excitement at each, LATE on a Sunday night was amazing. Given, it was 2 nights before election day, but check these (1) articles (2) at 538 for comparison. Anyway here is the picture I took at a small office in Cleveland – it doesn’t quite do justice to the noise, energy & buzz, but perhaps it does do justice to the the diversity and youth. It really is cool to see. As The Who albums says, “The Kids Are Alright”. I am amazed not just at the youth and energy, but also the intelligence, focus, & drive. It gives me more HOPE.
  • When I decided to come out, I was a little leary of staying at host housing & considered getting a hotel room for myself. I’m always a little leary of staying with hosts – mostly because I am always worried about inconveniencing benefactors, so I’m never relaxed. But after staying with 2 different Ohio families, I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t stay in a hotel. It is really really nice to connect with people who you don’t know anything about, and stay in their homes, and to enjoy their generosity (Thanks, Jeanne & Hal, Elizabeth & Jim!)
  • The technology angle of all this is once again noteworthy. Using my iPhone 3G’s GPS to get me anywhere and everywhere in these completely unfamiliar surroundings has been AWESOME. I navigated to Cleveland, & all around to various campaign locations, & all around this pretty rural area with ease! Thank god I found that Wal-Mart open late Sunday night with an iPhone car-charger though….


.pps I miss you guys & can’t wait to get home.


7 thoughts on “CHANGE comes to OHIO

  1. I thought the gps on the iphone would be the most useless feature…in the end, I’ve found it one of the strangely most useful features on the phone..even staying in terrain that I’m familiar with.

  2. Keep rocking it Deep!! Awesome reading all your writings, and knowing you are out there doing you thing…just wish you had the disco ball outfit one 🙂

    We will be keeping the bay area warm for your return…you were missed!


  3. Deep — You rock. I really admire what you’re doing. And I can only imagine what a fulfilling experience this has been for you!

    p.s. I DIDN’T get iPhone v1 because I was waiting for GPS. 🙂

  4. iPhones and touches have been useful here in nevada too 🙂 although there needs to be a big dog detector application.

    Eek. There are but hours left in this thing. Nervous but hopeful. Keep up the good work ‘deep!

  5. Thanks for updating us out here about the goings-on in the other parts of the U.S.
    I admire your dedication to helping inform people out there who need other points of view that will (in fact) benefit them!

    Take care and get rest when you can!

  6. Great job Deep, you did it! Ohio just flipped a few minutes ago. I voted across the board according to your slate by the way, and I shared it with many friends. Great work; thank you so much for sharing your views with us.

  7. Congratulations deep, thanks for all your hard work. Unfortunately bigotry has moved to California, funded by the Mormon whack jobs.

    Now we start campaigning to have church’s tax exempt status revoked.

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