Trikeasaurus Rex RFP (and a Brief History of Trikeasaurus!)

[Ed. Note for friends: I have decided to have a new custom trike built: Trikeasaurus Rex! To do so, I need to explain what Trikeasurus is, so I made this video & blog post as an RFP (Request For Proposal). It is a simple history & set of requirements – but by all means DO CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO I MADE BELOW:]

[Ed. Note for potential suppliers: I’m just using the term “RFP” because I have delusions of grandeur – don’t worry, I don’t necessarily need a formal “proposal”. This is really just a framework for discussion.]

[UPDATE: 10/2/20 I just realized I never updated this post with a picture of the results of this post: Trikeasaurus Rex built by the awesome Rob Archer of Nebula Cycles]

So here it is. And if you ever see me cruising around San Francisco, I hope you say Hi!

Trikeasaurus Rex in Santa MonicaAmandeep B 





For almost 5 years now, I have been enjoying Trikeasaurus, my roving tricycle-sound-system.

Trikeasaurus was initially conceived as a simple way to transport my sound system to my FlashDance events. Flashdances are free, outdoor dance parties I put on in various locations in San Francisco every month or so during the spring & summer.1

As it has turned out, Trikeasaurus has become a much more general purpose source of fun and I use it often, not just for FlashDances. Watch this video to get a sense: