10 Years At Apple

On May 2nd, 2002 I took a leap & started working at Apple. Today I got my 10 year crystal award.  Pictures don’t do it justice – I love it: 

IMG 1484

 And this letter from Tim Cook pretty much nails it:

This award celebrates 10 years of your amazing contributions to Apple. Through your hard work, passion, and commitment, you have helped to show the world that technology can do more than engage and expand people’s minds. It can also touch their hearts and reach their souls. It can be both human and humane. In doing so, not only have you helped to alter what people have come to expect from the devices in their lives, but you have also changed what people expect from themselves. You have helped them create, relate to, and enjoy the world around them in a fundamentally different – better -way. Thank you for making this kind of difference. It is a great accomplishment in 10 years.

Tim Cook, CEO

IMG 1487

Proud?  Yes I am. 

(click more for a few additional pics)

IMG 1481



IMG 1482



IMG 1483


IMG 1486

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