Yipes – I’m Hit! (with a Credit Card Scam)

So last night as I was doing my bi-annual sigh Quicken reconcilie-the-billing-fest, I noticed something odd – a charge from a few days ago that I didn’t recognize:

08/27/2004	Sale	USOFTWEBSYS (Services and Merchandise)		$9.95

Since I a) buy a lot of stuff on the web b) don’t look at my credit card statements very often other than to pay them, I almost decided “no big deal, I must have bought some shareware or something” but since the charge was just from a few days ago (& I didn’t remember anything) and I was feeling oddly fastidious, I decided to Google USOFTWEBSYS,… and I found a couple of forums where various people talked about getting hit with a credit card scam!

The scam basically involved small charges of $9.95 on your credit card for a fake company that sold website templates (FYI: prepackaged website designs). After a while they start charging larger and larger amounts. Methinks this is bad. The charges on the forums were for companies with names like: panalscorp, elitewebsoft and SURPRISE: USOFTWEBSYS.


So then I went to usoftwebsys.com and guess what – a template site! People on the forum noted that googling for various bits of text from the site, like “Create a unique web presence using pre-made designs and templates of the highest quality.” yield hundreds of exact matches!

Holy Frijoles!

Needless to say I immediately called my bank, cancelled the charge & card, and a new credit card is in the mail. Sigh. If it weren’t for the miles I get, I would get one of those credit cards that gives you a new disposable credit card number for each web purchase you make.

Anyway: moral of the story: check your credit card bills more frequently than I do. I don’t know if I bought something somewhere from a weaselly site (doubtful – I should have seen stuff before) or somebody some how cracked some site that I HAD bought things from, but it really just means you should check your statements. The people on the forum suggest that the FBI & the CC companies don’t really pursue anything if you report the frauds DAMN…..

Also, the USOFTWEBSYS site (and all the clones) allowed people to enter their credit card info to buy web site templates! Hell maybe they’ll even send you something – but I’m sure your card will be used for sucking down the bucks! Moral of that story: Be very careful what sites you buy things from.

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  1. If it comes to this, and hopefully it won’t, California is one of only 2 states that lets you “freeze” your credit history so that no one can access it without the credit bureau calling you first. The onus is on you to do everything–the credit bureaus really don’t care–and you do have to pay $10 to each of the 3 credit bureaus. But it will keep someone from opening a credit line in your name. I know it doesn’t help with the current situation, but it’s good to live in a state that at least makes an effort against this kind of theft.

  2. yo! i got the same thing! Here’s a snapshot of mbna access report 🙁

    And this thread is what i found after googling that usoftwebsys :-/

    (Posting date) (Transaction date) (Card Type) (Category) (Transactions) (Charges)
    08/30/2004 08/27/2004 MC C USOFTWEBSYS – STRONGSVILLE OH $9.95

  3. Thanks for posting this. I got the same thing a while back… I posted on the same forum that you found.

    Sale Date Post Date Description Amount
    08/15/04 08/15 USOFTWEBSYS 4403785649 OH $9.95

    Luckily, I caught mine within a few days and my card company is being helpful.

    Oddly enough, this was a card that I don’t use very often, but I do use it online.

  4. Same here. My wife got one. I have another one of the same kind:

    09/04/2004 09/04/2004 EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC HARDINSBURG IN $9.95

    There is no information about EADENSSOFTCOM in Google so far, but we definitely didn’t make any purchase from such company, neither online nor otherwise. It’s interesting that it doesn’t have any web presence that I could discover… You can add it to your watch list.

  5. Same here:
    09/16/2004 09/16/2004 Sale EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC (Services and Merchandise) 2445501LL1PW5MFB3 $9.95

    I’ll have to call my credit card company and get this removed..

  6. My credit card company said they’d reverse the charges, and wait for the company to complain, then they’d ask the company to prove it was a legitimate purchase. She also told me to watch my next statement, and if there’s another charge from this company, they’d have to do something different next time. I didn’t ask too many details.

  7. I just found the same exact charge, and found your web site via google.
    9/12/04 USOFTWEBSYS 440-378-5649 OH $9.95

    The really creepy thing is that just yesterday I reported the same scam on a different credit card. That one was from MAC-CEE.COM, another bogus front. Read all about it here: http://www.kilikina.net/archives/2004/07/06/the-amazing-995-credit-card-scam/

    As that web site suggested, I reported them to the FTC. I suggest everybody do so as well. Do that here: https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01


  8. 09/30/2004 09/24/2004 Sale EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC (Services and Merchandise) 2445501LL1PW5MFB3 $9.95

    I’ll have to call my credit card company and get this removed..

  9. Citibank has miles cards that also have the one-shot-web-purchase-insta-number. Warning: Do *not* try to use one of these numbers when you’re buying something online for local pickup (like a concert ticket or, say, a disk drive from Best Buy). They do not understand them and you will be screwed.

  10. I too got zapped on my bank account by EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC for $9.95 – the theives used my bank debit card numbers to sipher my bank account. I cancelled my debit card and filed a complaint forms with the FCC. Looks like the law would do something about whoever is doing this – its happening so often. I’d like to get my hands on the bandit!

  11. Me twixst for $9.95 from Usoftwebsys, 10/21/04 —10/27/04 (I only had 20.00 to spare on the card, and they took me down to just 10.00, the reptiles.) I will report it to and ofcourse have my credit card company remove it and fight if fought over. I use Providian if that makes a difference. Anyone know if Illinios has the safeguard for freezing your credit to prohibit new credit from being created?

  12. Guess what? It happened to me too – just today I was checking my VISA statement and found a charge for $9.95 for EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC. Thanks to all this up-to-date info on the blog, I called my credit card company, got credit for the $9.95 and have – alas – had to have my credit card number changed. That’s the worse thing. But to all of you – Thank you for the alert.

  13. I too just noticed a charge on my visa account for $9.95 from eadensoftcom. I am with Providian. Called Providian to dispute the charge and request a new account number (they are not very customer service friendly btw).

  14. I see this charge also. Did any of you use iregestrations in the past? They charged my card without authorization for several hundred dollars, maybe they have sold the list of cards to other theives.

  15. Same thing, EADENSSOFTCOM, on a Mastercard, $9.95. Also scammed on same bill by URCNBLUE for $1052.00 Disputed both and had them removed, but WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

  16. I just got hit by Eadenssoftcom for $9.95 on my Sears Gold Mastercard which we very rarely use. I am not sure how they got the account number. I am having to fill out a dispute form with Sears to get credit for this.

  17. got a bill from EADENSSOFTCOM,LLC for $9.95, on my master card. It’s bogus maybe we need to see if there’s string of companies we have all made purchases from . I would really like to know. The credit card companies will work with you if they see a trend involving a company who is getting this many credit card #s.

  18. I noticed the same scam for $9.95. The last time I used the card I had used paypal. Maybe that is the link.

  19. I carry a Capital One card, you know…the one that fights the Huns, and I regularly check their website for charges I make. I found this one from EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC for $9.95 on 12/24. Called the card company and they reversed the charge. I then went looking for some reference in Google for this company and found myself at this website. Y’all have a nice Holiday Season.

  20. Thanks I found this forum. I got the charge from Eadensoftcom LLC $9.95 on 12/24/04. I frequently check my transaction so when I saw this charge, I was puzzled and then searched Google to see what eadensoftcom LLC was. no info about the company. Found out from this forum that it was a scam. Called my credit card company to reverse the charge and close the account. I do a lot of online purchases. Probably have to stop or do it a lot less.

  21. I just found this on my statement CHECKCARD 0103 EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC 812-418-0404 IN 2445xxxxxxxxxxxx for $9.95. I went looking through other statements and found this CHECKCARD 1216 WP-GOERZEN ANDREJ SIMBACH AM IN 7454xxxxxxxxxxxxx for $ 12.00. not sure what this is either. I would also like to thank this forum. Yesterday I tried calling the 812-418-0404 number and tried emailing the email address which was on the voice message. I received a message back saying invalid email address. Thought was fishy so went looking on the internet and found this web-site.

  22. Just saw this on my credit card statement – this is outrageous. Thank goodness for this forum or I would have just paid the damn bill!

    01/04/2005 01/04/2005 EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC 812-418-0404 IN

  23. Hey everyone,
    This is the second time in about a month that I have been hit by credit card scams. First was WP-GOERZEN EDUARD SIMBACH AM IN GB for $12.99 from December 18th, and now on January 7th I get hit by EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC HARDINSBURG IN for $9.95! These were both from my debit card and I have to call my bank to complain about this second charge, (I’ve already notified them on the first; they’re “looking into it”), and demand that my card be cancelled. I did almost all of my Christmas shopping online this year – I’m sure that’s why this has happened, even though I did it through what I thought were secure companies: PayPal/Ebay, and Amazon.com! There is another website where I learned more about my first scam, incase that one looks familiar to anyone else: http://www.kilikina.net/archives/2004/07/06/the-amazing-995-credit-card-scam/

  24. Same deal here! Eadenssoftcom I have no idea how they got my number and this is the first time in months that I have looked at my statement. I’ll have to do a history check to make sure there aren’t any other bogus charges. Thanks for the info!

  25. I found EADENSSOFTCOM, LLC HARDINSBURG IN $9.95 on my credit card statement as well! I called the citibank credit card people to have it resolved and they removed the charge and said that if this was recurring, they would have to change my credit card number. So ridiculous! I don’t know how these people get your number, but they did. At least it was only $9.95 and not a ridiculously large amount.

  26. I just went through my routine of reviewing my credit card statement and voila! “WP-GOERZEN ANDREJ SIMBACH AM IN GBR” charged $12.00 in 12/16/2004. I never recognized this merchant and I went through my credit card receipts and I could not find one to support this charge. I immediately called my credit card company and they told me they will give me credit in my next statement. I decided to check this name in Google and to my shock and dismay, similar people have experienced the same. I went back online and check my card’s unbilled activity and another unauthorized charge showed up for $9.95 from “ABSOLUTE-SOFT.COM LAKE FOREST CA” appeared on 01/08/2005. I checked this name again in Google and a website appeared however the site is very mysterious. There is no physical address to contact and there is only one phone number which is also a fax line. I called the number and it is answered by an answering machine and did not even mention their company name. I immediately called my credit card company and have my account canceled and replaced with a new number. Beware!

  27. Another one bites the dust……
    Had to cancel my card since these creeps have my account number.
    Much Mahalo for the warning.

  28. Same problem as Minnie – a $12.00 charge from “WP-GOERZEN ANDREJ SIMBACH AM IN GB” on 11/21/04. According to my credit card company records, this company is classified in the business of providing “Computer programming, integrated system design, and data processing.” My online buying practice is to only buy from reputable companies, but I guess you’re never absolutely sure these days. I am now getting a new credit card.

  29. Same freak’n problem with WP-GOERZEN ANDREJ SIMBACH AM IN GB, for 12/16/04. Thanks to you guys I got my card canceled and a new one re-issued. Thanks.

  30. Thanks to all for the info… eadensoft.com hit me for the 9.95. If it hadn’t been my debit it card could have taken a while to notice. Hopefully they listen to their voicemail!!!

  31. Luckily, I check my statement frequently and found a charge that I don’t recognize for $9.95 from “ABSOLUTE-SOFT.COM LAKE FOREST CA” on 6/20/05. One bad thing about my card is the charge doesn’t show up until several days later so I forgot what I might have purchased. I went to the website listed and still couldn’t figure out what I could have purchased from a website template company. Thank you for this blog and other people mentioning about this issue so I’m sure I got punked as well, instead of killing my brain trying to figure out what it was.

  32. Heres another one. Thank god Bank Of America is very helpful, theyre sending me a new Debit Card.


  33. Absolute-soft.com got me as well. I have a Compass Bank Visa Check Card. I’m gonna cancel this account and open a new one. BASTARDS!!!!

  34. I’ve been hit with $9.95 from ‘Art Magic Inc’, Victoria BC. I’m 99.99% sure this is fraud. The only online source with my credit card information is PayPal.

    The bank did not know anything about ‘Art Magic Inc’ but did immediately cancel the card and arrange a new card with a new number (Bank Of America).

    absolute-soft.com whois goes to a ‘protection service’ which hides the register. artmagicinc.com whois is fake – the zip code is 718288 and the state is AQ.

    Doing a quick search artmagicinc.com shares the same design as absolute-soft.com (”Create a unique web presence using pre-made designs and templates of the highest quality”).

    Conclusion: artmagicinc.com is a scam site and the people behind it are criminals.

  35. I got the same art magic inc charge on my MBNA card. MBNA currently thanks me for my patience while I sit on hold for 30 minutes to let them know.

  36. I got hit for $9.95 USD from Art Magic on August 5, 2005. I have told Chase (Visa) that I am disputing this charge and they promise to investigate.

    I also got hit for $9.95 USD from “Solutions in Networking” on August 6, 2005. I have told Citibank (MasterCard) that I am disputing this charge. They said they would immediately crdit my account for the $9.95, but showed no interest in pursuing these bastards (the only link to them is a phone number of 1.678.528.1330, which has a machine that says: “leave a message” ) .

    Two different cards. The exact same amount. Within the same 24-hour period. One from Vancouver and one from Atlanta.

  37. Same thing happened to me $9.95 charge on my credit card art magic inc.com … location is Victoria BC … and I got hit with an int’l service fee $0.10 … what a hassle now I have to notify the cc company

  38. Just a note to all who scam others. A prison cell is awaiting your inevitable capture. These illegal charges qualify for federal incarceration. Ever been to a Federal Prison? Certainly you’ve heard what comes around goes around!

  39. 10 November 2005:
    These criminals are still at it…just got a credit card bill with a $9.95 charge from artmagicinc.com from Victoria BC. Will dispute it immediately…Question::: Once they hit your card-do I need to request new card or wait to see if they try it again? Thanks.

  40. putting out credit cards can really keep our ass to black out but all the same we need to do something about this recent scmmers thing on the internet that people use other people credit card to hit out a big sum of money from peoples`s account am doing this cuz iam also one of the victim which hit up this month so what am appealing is that some sort of pop ups and block ups should b e initiated on the web for those madafucka`s not to hit the bill again here we call it 419 but i dont know about america too i have a friend who has fased this thing and am down with him now he is damned broke and has no money now all his life time fortune have been hit up by this fraudsters am not the first to admit it am just from Africa and it hurts to see all that`s happening anyone can send me a message as soon as they like and am ready to post a big time blow on all the sites goood day and have a lovely year i love u all

  41. Hey! I just hit with the same $9.95 Charge from Art Magic. By any chance did any of you purchase anything from a site called LCDTVs.co, Plasmadisplays.com or any kind of site like that? I ask because these guys are all scummy, and I had a brand new card with the only major purchase from them, and suddenly a few weeks later this bogus charge comes up. I’m wondering if it was Electronics company that gave away my card #. If so, we could band together and sue these guys!

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