Hurricane Deep Strikes Florida!

The last few weeks have left me obsessing about the upcoming Presidential election as if it were a movie with hobbits in it, in fact I’m so obsessed with it, the movie would have to have hobbits riding dinosaurs fighting sharks…. and somehow Charlize Theron would be involved…. Wow….

Sorry, anyway, my obsession has lead me east and I’m writing this from ground-zero itself, Florida. That’s right, Hurricane Deep has hit FL!

I’m volunteering with the League of Conservation Voter’s Envirovictory project – the LCV’s a massive door-to-door effort to win five battleground states for John Kerry: Florida, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & Oregon.

So today was my first full day working & I spent most of it canvassing undecided voters. It was pretty exciting – I encountered at least 2 Republicans IN THEIR NATIVE HABIT! Fascinating and scary. One was even kinda cute – which made me feel unclean. [sigh]

The other thing I learned is that you can’t tell a sane Republican from an insane one. For example, here are two doors – behind one lives a Republican voting for Bush, and the other, a Republican voting for Kerry:


I can’t really tell the difference (Note that “blurry” is NOT a difference! I just took the pic quickly so as to not upset the Republicans by seeming to be “casing” their homes – I hear they hate that.) Anyway, clearly more research is needed, and I’m here to do it… that and maybe to try & imagine a movie with hobbits, dinosaurs, sharks and Charlize Theron in it….. but I kinda do that anyway…… Perhaps I share too much.

For those of you who are interested, we are IDing undecided voters still on a fairly large scale, here in central Florida. The Dems are working elsewhere in the state on turning out their base as are the Republicans.

8 thoughts on “Hurricane Deep Strikes Florida!

  1. I loved the pictures of the two doors. I will also endeavor to add pictures to my missives.

    great idea!

  2. we have guys going to Fl to cover the election. let us know if you discover anything that ain’t right so we can scoop the big guys! Cerissa

  3. Yeah, go Deep! That’s awesome.

    Do the KE04 bumperstickers in FL have the tagline “A Stronger America,” or is that just what they say here in California? I’m sincerely hoping it was only a regional decision, but I’m guessing that it’s nationwide (*sigh*).

  4. Deep – there is little time left – which one is which? We need to organize mass wreath-stealing task forces, or get truckloads of largre wreaths down to Florida ASAP. The election hangs in the balance…

  5. A friend of mine suggested “A More Anemic America” for the Kerry stickers, but it probably wouldn’t have caught on in quite the same way.

  6. Yes! Can you actually get their votes to count?? That would help. I heard they are letting people there vote early so that black people can have their votes invalidated even sooner. Sigh. This REALLY sucks. Do what you can, we are all rooting for you!!!!

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