Pronounced Eye-Pee-hOn

So I’ve been wanting to talk about the iPhone for weeks – both its ups and downs & why I’ll be getting one ASAP!! and what tradeoffs I’m willing to live with. But I can’t because, as an Apple employee, I can only talk about stuff that has been made public. Luckily the reviews are starting to roll in & here are the tech industries biggest two columnists weighing in on the iPhone & they do a good job ‘splaining it all……

Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal
David Pogue from the NY Times


Does anyone use AT&T in SF? I’d love to know how you feel about coverage since I’m switching from Verizon (Verizon – how I loathe thee for crippling my phones – though I’m a slave to your coverage area!)

Ok – here is one more – Steven Levy from Newsweek – he captures the feel of it (& it is funnier!)

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