Kabhi Kabhi Baby

I was thinking about what kind of culture my little girl would get. Mostly, I’m thankful she’ll be a San Franciscan – but it’s also important to establish some important basics*… 😀

Kabhi Kabhi Baby

I’m a bit sad that I’m not sure how much of the great Indian stuff I have to offer her and there is certainly some of the bad I don’t want to. There’s a lot of great American she’ll just get, but plenty of bad I won’t be able to stop. But luckily there is a lot of great San Franciscan for her to get – from composting, to caring about the world around her, to therapy, to slow food, to trying to make herself better, and feeling free to be whoever she is…

SUPER BONUS:Kimberly Conley will be speaking to her in Mandarin 🎉💥✨🎈😍

*For those who don’t know”Kabhi Kabhi” is one of those seminal Bollywood songs, one that probably marks you as Indian on some level. (In so far as I know what it means, as tenuous an Indian as I am…)

I’m not sure what an American equivalent would be – maybe something like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – but more recent and even more popular?

It is the music of my childhood. I learned to love it at home from Dad and Mom. Before I even knew what music was probably, and certainly before I knew what music would mean to me, this was becoming part of me.

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