We’re MOVING 30 Feet!

Folks –

Kimberly and I are MOVING! Next door. In early July. Basically because next door gives us a better layout for family & we’ll have extra childcare options…

We’ve prepared the handy FAQ below to help with any further questions you may have…

-‘deep + Kimberly!

A picture worth, well, a few hundred words.

A picture worth, well, a few hundred words.

D+K Moving FAQ

  1. What?
    We currently live in 937/939 Valencia (we live in 937, the top, & we rent out 939, the bottom). We’ll will be moving into 933/935, and will live in the top, 933 & rent out 935*.

  2. Why?
    Basically, our elderly next door neighbor is downsizing & moving to SoCal. His place is very similar to ours, a 2 unit 1880’s Victorian. Although boringly painted, it is completely vacant.

  3. The big reasons for us to move are:

    • The layout next door is better for a family, i.e. better bedroom location & it has a small back yard
    • The downstairs unit can be rented to Kimberly’s dad, Patrick. He will be looking to move in September & we’d love to have MORE childcare super-nearby to help! DOUBLE score.
  4. When?
    We’ll be moving into the top unit, 933 Valencia, sometime in July, details TBD based on various renovation projects we need to complete before then.

  5. What happens to the Deepistan National Parklet?

    Fear not for Trixie, she’ll be just fine.

  6. Will you make a bigger parklet?

    Hopefully some day! We will have to wait for all the dust to settle from all of the upgrades we’d like to do on the new place (& there will be a lot of dust!)

  7. What happens to your current place?
    We’ll start renting out our top floor unit at 937 Valencia ASAP (July!). We’ll need to make top dollar on it to have everything pencil out, but even more importantly we want to live next to people we like & like to hang out with. So yes, this could be YOU! If you’re interested in a two bedroom at current Mission rents (sorry), let us know & we’ll talk. If you know of of folks we’d like, who would be interested in an awesome 2BR, send ‘em our way. Also, did we mention it’s pet friendly?

    Our current tenants in 939 Valencia will still be living there just as before. They are good tenants and will be staying in their home of over 30 years just as always.

  8. What happens to the bottom unit of your new place?
    We have a lot of work to do in the downstairs unit over the summer, but after that, the plan is that family moves in – at least for a while. Kimberly’s dad & sister, Patrick & Megan, both will be moving out of their current building, so they’re movin’ in. Eventually, we may rent out one or both of those bedrooms too, if either Patrick or Megan only wants to stay a while…. But in the meantime it will be childcare/Conleypalooza 🙂

  9. But isn’t Kimberly pregnant?
    Um. Yes. Sanity is for the weak. Hopefully, we’ll be at least kinda settled in before Ducky is born. (Ducky = 🐥 = baby’s code name)

  10. *We just got the bottom renumbered to 935. Previously it had been 933A (which is just dumb).

5 thoughts on “We’re MOVING 30 Feet!

  1. Wacktastic. I hope you won’t accidentally find yourself in the wrong school district.

    Relatedish: I often have dreams about living in my old townhome or in neighboring units to my old townhome. But I’ve never actually done it.

    I did housesit for many moons in a neighborhing townhome (after I’d sold my original) and it was pretty weird because the layout was ~80% the same on the first floor at ~70% the same on the second floor. Then I’d look out the window and see my old place.

  2. Remember I do construction project management (12+ years). Lets talk if you want someone to manage the remodel & relocations. Excellent references! and we can negotiate my rate. After all the music/dance ypu brought into my life it’s the least I can do.

    Yes..I have a place in SF and can come work there for the lenght of the project..

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