The Story of Trixie!

[Update 3/16/2012: “The Story of Trixie” has come full circle, as the blog where we got her inspiration has posted about her 🙂 See the epilogue after you read this post.] Trixie in her natural habitat, the ‘Deepistan National Parklet (& in front of our temporary construction mural by Adrian … Continue reading

Goodbye, Maximum Leader

[Ed. Note.: Yeesh.  I haven’t blogged in about a year!  I have so many things to tell you about (Parklet! Rickshaws! China!) & will be getting to it ASAP. But this broke the log jam & I plan to be writing more soon. Sorry  for the delay dear readers (assuming … Continue reading


Last weekend at FlashDance 29, Sister Viva L’Amour and Sister Selma Soul showed up & asked for the microphone & I of course, said “yes” immediately out of respect. They then proceeded to Saint me!! I’ve been Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! Courtesy of Adele Burnes This means … Continue reading

Trikeasaurus 1.0 R.I.P.

Trikeasaurus 1.0 is dead. The trailblazing tricycle of my affections can cart sound systems no more. She will be sadly missed. A moment of silence for the beast that sparked many a FlashDance and brought many many smiles to San Francisco (& me!) (photo courtesy of KayVee.INC on Flickr) Being … Continue reading

Get THEE on Facebook!

(or “The One SIMPLE REASON You Need to Be On Facebook”) I’ve been thinking a lot about Facebook lately, and why it is so great. Not iPhone-great, but almost Wikipedia-great: it has changed the way I use the web, and my life in the real world is richer because of … Continue reading

Color + Indians + Fun = Holi

So… there are many fun Indian traditions and holidays…. and I’ve gotten to do none of them. Zilch. None. Never. Until yesterday 🙂 For some reason, as a child we skipped all the fun Indian activities and holidays. It was probably for a lot of reasons, but fundamentally maybe there … Continue reading