Dances with Pinnipeds

or How To Survive Clam Wielding Sea Gulls… After sucky Friday & a lame Saturday, I decided to go visit my friend Delphine, a vet at the Marine Mammal Center (yep. “Delphine” works with “marine mammals”… perhaps my atheism is ill-considered). Anyway, I hopped on my bike (on a sunny … Continue reading

FD 3 was quite pleasant :-)

Well kids, it’s official: My FlashDance parties are quite pleasant. 🙂 I have come to this conclusion after FD 3 – around 120 dancing away for a few hours on a gorgeous night at the big plaza under the Ferry Building. I thought the last location was the best, but this was maybe even better. This one was a a bit bigger than the last maybe 120 dancing at any given time, maybe 140 showed up over the course of the evening…. This here video says it all:
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