An Ode To Wikipedia

So I was just thinking: in the past few weeks I have: Looked up info on “The Shining” after we watched it. Looked up the history of the term “salad days“ Looked up the history of the term “red tape” because it came up Looked up “Neil LaBute” because Jon … Continue reading

The Lord’s Own Pastry

[UPDATE: 2/13/2013 – At long last, my friend Linshao Chin has SOLVED THE MYSTERY! What I guessed was called “Lai Won Bao” is actually “Nai Won Bao” or “Nai Wong Bao” which means egg custard bun (of course)!. I’m updating this post!] Those of you who know me well, know … Continue reading


Pronounced Eye-Pee-hOn So I’ve been wanting to talk about the iPhone for weeks – both its ups and downs & why I’ll be getting one ASAP!! and what tradeoffs I’m willing to live with. But I can’t because, as an Apple employee, I can only talk about stuff that has … Continue reading